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Spa Rituals Magnetix Conditioner
  • Spa Rituals Magnetix Conditioner
SKU: 1119

Spa Rituals Magnetix Conditioner


Thoughtfully familiar, Spa Rituals invites you to rediscover the pure pleasure of simple ingredients and treat your guests to an incredible, natural bathing experience. Closed units are tamper-resistant and secured to the wall with Magnetix bracket system. Bottles are 100% biodegradable. With a fresh mix of garden flowers, herbs, and fruits, this Spa Rituals Conditioner, at 400 milliliters or 13.5 ounces, includes Magnetix Pump Bottle and comes 20 per case.

  • Brand Spa Rituals

    Collection Spa Rituals

    Product Type Conditioner

    Size 13.5 oz

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